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USB Mass Storage Flusher
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USB Mass Storage Flusher v3.0.0

For Windows 2000 or later

USB Mass Storage Flusher Application Logo

Description:Simply and light-weight application that flushes the file-system cache on a specified removable drive i.e. USB Mass Storage pen-drive, or flash-disk, ... It prevents data loss against the removing of the mass storage device connected to a computer.

Usage: on a windows explorer windows, right-click on a removable drive and select the new installed menu "Flush". A pop-up windows says that data will be securely written on the memory-device; the operation will take from few seconds to minutes according to the size of the transferred data. A new pop-up will appear with the description of the result of the operation.

Warning: Before flush a drive, please don't select that drive on any explorer window. This will be fixed on future version of the program.

- Eliminated all cosmetic workaround to simulate XP-style in non-XP sysems, thus minor overhead;
- Support for XP manifest;
- Italian version is not available anymore;
- Windows 95, 98, Me are not supported anymore bacause of Microsoft don't support them anymore.

Download latest version here (english version 427 Kbytes)

Previous versions:
Download USB_Mass_Storage_Flusher ver 2.0.3.exe (426 KBytes) english version
Download USB_Mass_Storage_Flusher ver 1.0.0.exe (472 Kbytes) versione italiana
Download USB_Mass_Storage_Flusher ver 1.0.0.exe (464 KBytes) english version


Copyright 2004 by Giuseppe Cascarano