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HIGH PRESSURE.The herbs that can help are garlic, fennel, cimicifuga racemosa, the Cayenne pepper, hawthorn, rosemary, the infusion of suma, chrysanthemum flowers, baths lavender (relaxation), The chamomile, astragalus, parsley, reishi mushrooms and root of peony.
Regular exercise and moderate intensity and loss of weight (for those who are overweight) are essential to prevent and treat hypertension because maintain healthy circulatory machinery. Walking, swimming slowly and cycling activities are indicated. Conducting a seren and tranquil life is of utmost importance to reduce and prevent hypertension. Yoga relaxes, for the body and improves the health and welfare global . The sexual relations should not be too intense because they can be dangerous for hypertensive. Consult a doctor.

LOW- PRESSURE .When low pressure is not associated with signs or symptoms, generally does not require special care or treatment. However, especially during the summer months, can help increase the supply of water and salt in the diet. In particular, a pinch of salt, without exaggeration, and some glass of water more help to prevent dehydration and to increase plasma volume. Even cocoa, coffee and tea, while acting in a different way, promote a moderate upward pressure. Alcohol, on the contrary, increases dehydration body and encourages the appearance of hypotension.
In case of varicose veins we recommend the use of elastic stockings that graduate exerting compression decreasing from foot to thigh, promote venous return from the lower limbs to heart.
Finally, who suffers from low pressure should avoid too abundant meals and go slowly from the position that lying erected.


The photophobia is of the excessive sensitivity to light, generally due to an agonizing and painful it caused. The photophobia found in inflammation of the eyeball as in conjunctivitis (inflammation of the conjunctiva - thin the mucous membrane, pink and transparent which is the rear side of the eyelids - conjunctiva eyelid - and reflected - conjunctiva of the tubes - on the front of the eyeball -- conjunctiva bulbar -  entirety), cheratitis (inflammation of the cornea - fibrous membrane that is an extension of earlier sclerotica, which differs only for the transparency), uveiti (inflammation dell'uvea - which is all the formations of the pigmented , Represented by iridis, ciliary body and the choroid - vascolarizid very elastic membrane, which adheres to the inner surface of sclerotica - which is the part of the tunic of the bulb), congenital glaucoma (of the disease, characterized by an increase in its internal pressure that profoundly alters - which appears in the first months or years of life), meningitis (inflammation of the meninges - fibrous coating central nervous system).

Halitosis persistent - pathological
When, instead, we are faced with persistent halitosis, the problem becomes more complex and requires a history full and scrupulous that will allow us to bring him back to diseases that affect only the mouth or that involve the body as a whole.
We says immediately that the halitosis dependent diseases general covers only 10% of those who complain about the disorder and add that is not usually the first symptom that they warn. Many people believe that bad breath may depend on diseases of the digestive system and that for this reason there is nothing to do: it is important to know that only 1% of individuals suffering from halitosis have problems with the digestive system! The causes halitosis from gastric is very rare and requires a wrong operation of cardia, the sphincter that separates the stomach from esofagus with oesophageal reflux.
Systemic diseases that can cause halitosis are diabetes mellitus, chronic renal failure, sever liver disease for the alteration of the normal metabolic balance.
More frequently of other diseases, those otorinolaringoiatric, sinusitis and tonsillitis for example, may involve unpleasant breath for the presence of exudate and bacterial colonies in the oral cavity or in areas that communicate with this but still represent a small quantity of cases of halitosis than those that depend on problems of relevance odontontoiatric. In tonsillar crypts, which are as tortuous cavity, can accumulate organic debris that once colonized by bacteria producing sulphur compounds give rise to the phenomenon of halitosis.

The Chlamydia is a sexually transmitted disease among the most common, caused by a bacterium, Chlamydia trachomatis. Although the symptomatic manifestations are very light, so it is not often recognized by people affected, may be due to serious damage at apparat reproductive female, to give infertility. In most cases, the infection affects women, especially adolescents and young women sexually active.
The Chlamydia is transmitted through sexual intercourse of all kinds, vaginal, anal and oral. An infected woman may pass through the birth, including the newborn child, causing inflammation in the eyes and respiratory 'apparat. And 'one of the first cases of conjunctivitis and pneumonia in infants.
If untreated, infection can progress causing consequences both short and long term, which may, as the symptoms remain 'silent'. In women, the most typical manifestation of infection is inflammation pelvic (pelvic inflammatory disease, PID) which affects nearly half of women who have not followed any treatment. The PID can cause permanent damage to the tube, uterum and surrounding tissue, resulting in chronic pain, infertility and the possibility of extrauterine pregnancies. The women with Chlamydia have a probability of risk of contracting the AIDS virus five times higher.
The men usually suffer no permanent damage, although a recent study published by a Swedish says that there is a correlation between the Chlamydia infection in men and their sterility. Sometimes, however, the infection can cover the epididymis, causing pain, fever and, in some cases, sterility.
Very rarely, the infection may have more serious consequences, as a form of arthritis accompanied by skin lesions and inflammation in the eyes and at uretra, a condition called Reiter's syndrome.



 People with a hiatus hernia should consume several meals during the day while avoiding as much as possible abbuffate. The consumption of alcohol, coffee, chocolate, fruit acidulous (citrus), onions and spicy foods in general, should be at least restricted because it tends to increase gastric acidity putting seriously threaten the integrity of esophageal muscosa.
Meals abundant, especially if rich in fat, lengthening the time spent food in the stomach by increasing the possibility of gastric reflux.
In two three hours after meals is good to avoid going to bed or carry heavy work. The horizontal position or temporary increase in abdominal pressure could facilitate the return of the stomach contents.
: Most patients enjoys substantial benefits after losing a kilo. The loss of excess fat in fact reduces the pressure on the stomach making it more difficult for gastric reflux.
DRINK MORE ': salivar and liquids protect muscose oesophageal by gastric juices
NO SMOKING: smoking and dry oral promote acid reflux
NOT ABUSE OF SOME DRUGS: as NSAIDs (aspirin, ibuprofen, sedatives, tranquilizers, etc..). It is recommended in any case to communicate their use to doctor in order to check its compatibility with the disease by finding possibly more healthy alternatives
AVOID DRESSES MEMBERS as increase the pressure on the stomach
WHEN sleep try to sleep taking the head on a pillow. In this way the force of gravity to affect the reflux. For the same reason, avoid sleeping with pillows under the belly.




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All you want to know about abdominal pain:

  when, how and why?  

notes by Dr. Claudio Italiano, gastroenterologist, internist hospital

 The first rules:

   Never take care of abdominal pain or diarrhea using  medications advertised on TV, such as derived from opioid!


Also you should keep fasting the patients with abdominal pain. It's spoken about a sudden pain, throbbing, which is blocking the feces, a pain that makes us bend in two, and leads us to the hospital! Compare now the page on the surgical abdominal pain.

. Seat: the seat of pain is usually the most important diagnostic aid, but not always corresponds to that of the morbid process. The patient may say he feels pain in this or in that forum, but the pain can also radiate, after having interviewed the patient, you can visit and assess the objectivity. The palpation is initiated in an not painful area, then  you can proceed to explore other areas, including the site of pain.

It is often helpful to categorize abdominal pain into more specific types such as:

•             Upper abdominal pain ,which is also subdivided into epigastric pain and left and right abdominal pain

•             Lower abdominal pain


The areas of pain may be located into>


Right upper abdomen

 left upper abdomen  and right upper abdomen

 lower right abdomen

 lower left abdomen


A pain of upper right abdomen refers to the diagnosis of diseases of liver and biliary system (calculations), in which case it radiates back, under the right scapula. The pain is due to distension of the  coatings of liver,  which is innervated. The increasing of the volume is explained by diseases of liver such as hepatitis, cholangitis, abscesses, or increasing of liver volume due to cardiac failure. It's  known, however, that there are other diseases that cause pain, ie processes dependent on the region of the duodenum and gastric pre-pyloric (ulcer, gastritis, diverticulitis), and the pancreas (acute pancreatitis, chronic pancreatitis, inflammatory processes, tumors and pseudocysts). Near the liver even the bowel can give a syndrome pain in the irritable bowel syndrome, such as a spastic pain.

 . .

The epigastric pain includes a typical disease of stomach; i.e. the  acute gastritis generally due to short-lived infection of the gastrointestinal tract by viruses, bacteria end protozoa, which is characterized by vomiting, nausea, darrhoea and fever. The ulcer causes a pain more limited, exacerbated by food. The hernia of esophageal hiatus (reflux)  causes  an epigastric  hearthburn,  similar to an hearth attack. But it’s also possible to treat an acute episode of angina or a myocardial infarction such as a reflux!  Particulary attention is required for a chest pain correlated to a pulmonary embolism!

 Never underestimate a chest pain!


The pain due to Blood Vessel mesogastric, especially after a big meal, depends on an  atherosclerotic  mesogastric vessels  of the smokers, and  dyslipidemic patients.  And give rise to the so-called "claudication intermittens abdomen syndrome. If the pain is sudden and violent you can think the cause to be  ta portal vein thrombosis, accompanied by fever, splenomegaly, or mesenteric embolism. Even an aneurysm of the aorta adbominal can give intense pain (the aneurysm is a dilation of the vascular wall due to a congenital or degenerative vessel disease.


Abdominal pain upper left

 A  pain in the left upper abdomen  appears  into the stomach and large intestine pathologies, but may be interested  the kidney and the left pleura  (a left hypocondriac  syndrome).  Also you can investigate pancreas, which may be affected by acute or chronic pancreatitis in the alcoholism, or by a pancreatic cancer. The pancreatic calculi can give symptoms similar to biliary calculi. Consistently is located on the left splenic pain, accordingly eg. an enlarged spleen, leukemia, Gaucher's disease. Are sudden pains that hamper breathing, indicating splenic infarction, or endocarditis, or atrial fibrillation!

 Lower right abdominal pain

 The pain dell'addome the lower right corner indicates appendicitis, colic from kidney stones or, in women, salpingitis, namely the genital tract inflammation, or a tubal pregnancy, an ovarian cyst. Still a pain here can indicate terminal ileitis(Crohn's disease)or an abdominal hernias, or a pain in typhoid fever and dysentery, or cystitis.


Lower left abdominal pain

 Pains in this region may result from kidney disorders, of the urinary tract, the male appendages and feminile,or caused by ulcerative colitis involving the rectum-sigma, or simply depend on the irritable colon syndrome. Do not forget that a colic pain (it's a pain that comes and goes) characterizes the smooth muscles of a cable organ but can also depend simply by gaseous distension. We can not exclude, however, that the cause lies in carcinoma of the colon or in a diverticulitis. Therefore, since we know that most cancers of the colon affects this region, even a simple colic may be investigated by instrumental examination such as colonoscopy, a barium radiological examination etc..  


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