Simple anti-skid feet for your projects
using a mouse pad
by IK1ZYW 2005


In the beginning I had no clue how to box my finished projects. Then, when I realised all boxes are good for projects (especially those found in supermarkets with food inside ;-)), I had two nightmares: how to anchor the circuit to the box without drilling and how to stabilize the final result.

The solution to both problems came at the same time, when I read that scrap mouse pads can be cut and glued to the bottom of project boxes! I initially used recycled rubber feet from old PC screens, that were a very rare resource in my junk box

Let's do it!

What you need: Cut the mousepad to suit your project box. The thicker the mousepad, the more clearance you have for bolts and nuts on the box bottom (solution to my first nightmare). Clean the box bottom and the mouse side of the mousepad foot, and superglue both together. Proceed with all the feet you need. Given the cost of a mousepad, I wouldn't be saving it for later, so that the box is granted increased grip on the underlaying surface.


IK1ZYW, Paolo Cravero. email: ik1zyw at yahoo! dottie com
Page written in August 2005.

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