CQ ringtone for Alcatel (OT512)

After almost 4 years of honoured, ininterrupted service I decided it was time for my Alcatel One Touch Easy to retire. I bought a tiny Alcatel One Touch 512, which always feels to be too small for me...
I immediately used the ringtone composer to build a CQ tone as I did for the Nokia 3210. Unfortunately Alcatel is less suitable for reproducing a single tone CW note because of polyphonic instruments and a small set of speeds available. But it's not an impossible mission! Read on!

On the Alcatel you get a pentagram, and you have to compose your tone as if you were Beethoven. So I asked for help to my brother that is a musician, and could get a nice 1:3 ratio for CW dits and dahs.

Get into the composer and set the following parameters:

Then you will have to compose your CW melody using notes. You will create notes of 1/8th and 3/8th of length.
1/8th note
Use for "dit" (dot)
3/8th note
Use for "dah" (dash)
Insert pauses between notes as follows: one 1/8th pause between . and -, and 3 1/8th pauses between letters. Add some extra spaces at the end of CQ sequence to provide proper word spacing when playing the melody in a loop.
This system allows you to reproduce any CW sequence and store it as a melody in your Alcatel OT512.

Needless to say, Altacel OT512 also allows the recording of melodies, but I find the resulting output not loud enough to hear you phone ringing when outdoors.

Refer to your Alcatel operating manual to learn how the composer works.

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