S A B R I N A G I U L I A N I , V I O L A


Musical contamination is one of Sabrina's first interests, in this respect she recently started collaborating with Stefano Battaglia (the extremely talented jazz musician with a background in classical music) at the Theatrum laboratory in Siena; she is a founder member of the Violando Trio (Viola, Sax and Accordion) that performs jazz and contemporary revised versions of ethnic-popular music.

She collaborated with important composers like
Luciano Berio, Salvatore Sciarrino, Betty Olivero, Alessandro Sbordoni, Daniele Lombardi, Marco Betta. At present she is collaborating with composer Kilian Schwoon at the Tempo Reale Centre of Research in Florence in the creation of a piece of music for viola and live electronics.


The success of the Modern Times Duo (viola and percussion instruments) is also due to their original performances that involve various forms of artistic expression.

Sabrina's interest for musical contamination is not limited simply to various forms of music but is also open to a series of artistic disciplines. She is in fact always interested in collaborating with composers, musicians, actors, directors, dancers, etc. on new projects.