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           Reaching St. Antonio abate's Sanctuary (Italy) that is situated on the left top of a plateau is definitely an unforgettable experience.
Amazing landscapes and an endless silence, that nothing but the sound of the wind seems to interrupt, surround it.
Those who visited this solitary and gorgeous place say one can even hear the "blow of God".

Preserving the beauty of this place and saving the Sanctuary from collapse are the reasons of our battle.
About four months ago, when we began our battle, we  were sceptical about our project.

We knew our local institutions wouldn't   help us but we trusted our stubbornness and decided to do something really useful for our region. We worked hard and today our efforts are producing the first positive results.
Everyday many people send us emails by which they invite us not to give up, give us courage or their help.

After all we are just a group of young people fond   of the nice things of our region and  convinced that the world is  full of sensitive and brave people just like us.

Here's why we'll keep on fighting.         




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