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Saint Antonio abate's Sanctuary


The Saint

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                    St. Antonio Abate is the most popular monk of the old Church. St Antonio wrote a very interesting biography on him. Thanks to him now we Christians Know who St. Antonio was, what he did and wrote.

Born in a small village situated in the heart of Egypt, Come, at the age of 20 Antonio decided to leave his home village to follow the lord and his teachings in the desert, isolated from everything.
The following words taken from the Gospel resounded in his mind: “If you wont to be perfect, just leave, sell what you own and give it to the poor” (Mt 19,21).

In the Sahara, Antonio spent a life of extreme loneliness and full of sacrifices and all that for more than 80 years.
His lifestyle was immediately imitated and his image became popular in many countries of the Near East and not only: monks, pilgrims, priests, bishops, as well as the sick and the needy, in general, used to visit him to receive advice or consolation.
So, as you can deduce, the Egyptian hermit never refused to share the gifts God had given to him with the others.

He supported those Christians who were persecuted for their religious ideas.
Today, this very generous saint is widely popular and loved because he is the protector of pets.

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