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Saint Antonio abate's Sanctuary


Religious Traditions

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                Due to its geographical position and to the morphology of its territory, the Basilicata region is still today a closed reality and its inhabitants, above all those who populate the inner lands of the region, are very traditionalist and old-fashioned.
For these reasons, religion still influences the everyday life of people: each village has its patron who is highly venerated with rituals and ceremonies and thousands of people, even those who emigrated to the North of Italy or abroad, take part and support proudly these commemorations.

In practice, the statue of the Saint, carried  on the shoulders of a group of men, makes the tour of the village to be shown to the faithful while some women sing in chorus.
The statue of the Saint is usually decorated with golds and paper coins and people touch and kiss it for respect and ho have protection.

A long time ago, lots of people used to go on pilgrimage to St. Antonio Abate’s Sanctuary on foot. Nowadays, the practice to go on pilgrimage is relatively frequent in those communities living in the inner parts of the Basilicata region.

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