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             For about four months we have been fighting to save from ruin the enchanting sanctuary dedicated to St. Antonio abate that is situated upon a plateau near Grottole, a ham in the Basilicata region (Italy).

Notwithstanding the support of many voluntaries and the local vicar, the situation is very serious because a part of the ancient monastery next to the church of the sanctuary is going to fall.

Unfortunately the indifference of those associations whose function is the conservation of the sanctuary may render unsuccessful all the efforts to save this secular sanctuary.

For these reasons we decided to create a site in whih we can tell the history, its ancient greatness and above all we want people to know more about the Saint to whom the sanctuary is dedicated.

All we want is make public opinion more and more aware of the issue before the sanctuary falls down forever. Time is slipping by and we must hurry up.

So we do invite you to send, by email, a request of help of yours to newspapers, art sites, ministers, people you know, etc…, in which you invite all of  them to support our battle. But above all and for the same reason we invite you to write the only two newspapers we have in the Basilicata region: “La Gazzetta del Mezzogiorno” (email: ) and “La nuova Basilicata” (email: ).

Don’t you think we are doing the right thing for the future of our region? We’ve got two possibilities in front of us: doing something before it’s too late or closing our eyes and allowing another piece of our history to disappear. From now on, the destiny of the sanctuary will also depend on you…

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