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Web pages dedicated to the teaching of Physics: lessons, lab. practice, tests, teaching material, bibliographies, links to Physics resources. The site represents the result of a year's teaching activity in a 5th year secondary school class

together in Europe

School year 2000/01 Physics and Lab course - Form 5a B (Scientific Course) 

«B. Russell» Secondary School, Tuscolana St., 208 - Rome

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Personal web site: http://users.iol.it/v.calabro 

By Vincenzo Calabrò, teacher of Physics 

Monday, 18 September 2000

E-mail:  v.calabro@iol.it





The why of this  website called «A website avalable to students». Mission.

This is the necessary information to communicate with the school and the teacher of physics.

To the student : the teacher's letter at the beginning of the school year.

Diffusion and documents of the didactic work.


This is the final program to prepare for the exam.

There is also a report about the theme dealt with. Do you remember the title? «Beyond.....»

In the end you can also read the final physics report of the class.

These are the dates of the meetings of the afternoon lessons six hours, concerning the help that I will give my students to follow them during their studies.

Here you find in chronological order the three reports of the students who chose to deal with physics: [1-Conticelli],  [2- Re],  [3-Andreani].

These are the dates of the meetings of the afternoon lessons six hours, concerning the help that I will give my students to follow them during their studies.

The final goal: the third written test.

Previous themes.

Organization of the report.

Introduction to the year's school work: subjects under discussione.

General transversal goals of the whole curriculum.

Specific didactic aims of the course.

Summary of the general goals of the teaching of physics.

Methodology of study and work.

The values of science.

Contents of the course.

Annual planning of the class.

Il piano di lavoro curriculare.

Course timetable.

Laboratory experiments.

 Each experiments provides for a laboratory report.

To love problems in order to love solutions: the Olimpiad of Physics. Here is the Olimpiad Project that is part of the P.O.F. It consists in the organization of a free training course about the problem solving that prepares to the written test at the Olimpiad of Physics. Download the file here.

Enrolment to the Olimpiad of Physics.

General classification of the school.

Training course to Physics problems solution organized by University "La Sapienza" in Rome.

Dates of written and practical tests during the school year: the classwork.

Acrivities planning of Consiglio di Classe.

Writing laboratory of scientific textbooks.

Physics problem solving.

Computerization of taking notes. They help to communicate better and in a suitable way.

Instructions to make documents in digital size. Learning to digit communication is a must.

Chat line: you can talk physics having fun through networking.

Thematic analysis: why don't content yourself with superficial analysis. Intensify it.

Lab. Reports: It's a pleasure to plan and carry out an experiment. Let make others know it.

Extra lesson of Physics: it is a support to learning. Download the file.

Teaching and educational activities aimed at orientation.

Resolution of questionnaires. Ouch, that hurts! Here is the plan project and the presentation.

Use informatic lab. Let's learn to work at PC and surf the net.

The school library. A bit dusty but useful: didattic projects.

Self evaluation: Entry test to the Faultty of Physics.

Organize your study. This channel allows you to use your time the best way. You've got the following aids.

Course Bibliography : the books suggested. All you always need.

Maxwell Bibliography. You can't do without.

Newton Bibliography. Can always be useful.

This is some online didactic aid. It is possible to DOWNLOAD all files. They are documents, lessons, reports about experiments, research, etc...

Download here the internet project to study electromagnetism.

Films. Cinema at school. What about having the pleasure to see how teachers dressed in the late 
'50s ?

Multimedia. Clicking and Clicking ... maybe you learn better.

Scientific museums to visit in Rome. Just a little but better than nothing.

Public Libraries, that is the paper treasures online. Why not to examine the bit versions of the works by Galileo, Dante and many others?

Lessons outside. Finally we talk about interesting matters. Don't we?

Comments and suggestions.

Useful links. But are they really useful? Try to believe it.

Ask the expert. It's up to you to use this aid: it costs nothing.

 Latest news.

The classification of the physics olimpic regional test concerning this school year is online.

A short history of Roman Physics Olimpiad in Rome.


To parents.

The weekly morning parents teacher's meetings.

The monthly afternoon parents teacher's meetings

The parents' participation in the Consiglio di classe: dates and the agenda of the meetings.

Parents' cooperation and their fundamental role in the education of students.

The contratto formativo.


Modalities and types of tests evaluating the preparation of students.

Intermediate and final tests.

The assesment grid.

The physics questionaires and assesment criteria of the papers.

The student's assessment of the teacher: the student's minute.

Mistakes to avoid.

The monitoring of the lab course.

The monitoring of the whole course.

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